Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pancake Day

I'm sure many of you are happily celebrating your Fat Tuesday by downing some paczki today. Since, both the Mister and I have polish heritage and our little area of the upper Midwest has been heavily influences by the polish culture, this was the only way I was aware to celebrate today through food. I am lacking the sweet tooth that make paczkis enjoyable and I wouldn't dare feed one to a two-year-old or four-year-old, so we usually don't partake in the gastronomic parts of the celebration. Until, today. I was happy to find that many Lutherans celebrate today as Shrove Tuesday and a hearty round of pancakes are involved in the celebration. Now we have done what we usually do around here and stolen the parts of celebrations we enjoy from other cultures and religions and made it our own. I swear we do try to do this in the least offensive way. After a hearty lunch of pancakes (mama can only muster cold breakfasts on weekdays) we snuggled in and read If You Give a Pig a Pancake. It was quite enjoyable and I think it has been added to our list of lasting traditions.

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