Wednesday, February 17, 2010


  • No matter how good it is at the time; don't eat five pounds of PF Changs in one sitting.  The Mister suggesting stopping, but I plowed right through.  I feel hungover today.  Blah.  Big thanks to the Mister for planning a night out for us.  They are greatly needed and don't happen often enough.
  • I started by sixth knitting project, unraveled my sixth knitting project, and started my seventh knitting project.
  • Adding jeans to my old Polly Flinders' dresses make them look a whole lot more Little Girl.
  • Vacuuming under the crib should really be done more than every time a baby is born.  Also, if you pull the crib away from the wall and fill that space with pillows toddlers and preschoolers transform into kitties that happily play while you waste time on the computer. 
  • I love an organized pantry.
  • For some strange reason my kids strip naked every time I mention dance party.  I know I should correct this, but naked dancing to the farmer in the dell is just too funny.
  • Does anyone else have Eye of the Tiger stuck in their head?  I can't decide if this is due to the Olympics or the Chinese New Year.

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