Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Homemade Challenge #8 - Steggie the Dinosaur

I dislike giving gifts just for the sake of giving gifts.  It just ruins the whole experience for me, so I try to have good reasoning behind each gift that is given.  I do better on some gifts than others, but I try.  So, in that spirit may I introduce you to Steggie the Dinosaur.  You may recognize him from One-Yard Wonders or if you are Little Girl he is the ancient dinosaur from How Do I Love You?.  Little Girl and I read this book together before bed and she loves the dinosaurs in it.  I've known for awhile that a dinosaur would have to make an appearance at our house one of these days and what better excuse then Valentine's Day? 

A couple of weeks ago One-Yard Wonders made its way into my life via the library and I am loving it.  Not only does it have great bags, clothes, and home decor, it had a dinosaur pattern.  I did switch some things up a bit, though.  I can never leave things well enough alone.  In the book, the dinosaur is a pull toy, but we just wanted something to love on, so that was left off.  He is made of thrifted sweaters, instead of fabric.  Nothing better than a cashmere stuffed animal.  And, I left of the eyes, since I didn't really think he needed it.  I think Little Girl approved of all of it.  She has been growling at everyone with Steggie and he has moved into her bed at night, too.

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