Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Homemade Challenge #7 - Alphabet Softies

My sweet, little niece is turning one, so I was on a quest to make her something she would enjoy and her parents would not hate.  I was thinking something soft, small, and came in its own storage container.  I happened upon this wonderful tutorial and couldn't wait to get started.  Thank goodness for all the lovely, crafty mamas out there that are willing to share their knowledge! 

The tutorial is great and the only thing I deviated from was leaving out the magnets since it was going to a little one.  I stitched up a little drawstring bag to go along with the letters and called it a day.  Well, actually, I chased around the little ones who had stolen the letters while I was sewing the bag and then called it a day.  I hope Baby Dell likes them and she has a hundred more birthdays to come.

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