Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Unexpected

The past few days have really been full of the unexpected, and in very good ways...
  • A homemade gift coming together easier than expected
  • So easy in fact, there was time to sew Little Girl a new party skirt (pictures to come, it's in the washer with cupcake on it)
  • A birthday party overloaded with little ones that was fun and kind of relaxing
  • New knitting needles given to me by my Grandmother
  • A fun morning with my little guy, even if it was only a date with the dentist
  • Sun, the glorious sun
  • A pile of books, dvds, and cds waiting for us at the library*
Now the sun is gone, the snow is piling up and we are struggling to keep the day from going sour on us.  So, we will just keep singing, "ain't nothing gonna break my stride," and plan some sledding and hot chocolate escapades.

*I hear you on the John Denver cd.  Since, I heard it everyday of my childhood I thought I should give it a test run now that I am an adult.  Frankly, it's terrible and I couldn't listen to the whole thing.  Even worse, I seem to know every word to every song. 

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