Thursday, February 25, 2010

Again, and Again, and Again

I'm starting to feel like the movie Groundhog Day. All we have been seeing around here is more sickness, more fevers, more ear infections, and more snow. A current status check has us at two sick kids, a sick mama, a maybe sick daddy, six inches of snow, yesterday, and another storm coming. Boo. Spring are you coming? Hello, spring we need you. Please.

An interruption to find blankies, pillows, stuffed animals, and other assorted comfort items for sick children. A spatula? Really, you can't relax without a spatula in your hand?

I did receive my CSA confirmation, so at least I can dream about all the veggies that will be coming our way in a few months. It’s a little trickier than I thought, though. They have added on an egg, fruit, and chicken subscription plan to choose from, as well. I would love to sign up for all and kiss the grocery store goodbye for the summer, but I will have to run some numbers. Tempting, tempting.

A little interruption to say, "Stop touching your brother," seven times in a row.

I have been dreaming about Squam Art Workshops for weeks now. It’s like summer camp for crafty folks. I would love to go there. Do you think a send a mama to camp campaign would work?

A break to take temperatures. Why is the thermometer only giving readings in Celsius now? Google Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion chart (sorry Ms. Salt I don't remember a darn thing from seventh grade science class) and threaten children not to play with mama's thermometer again.

Do you know how sadistic allergists are? I think, all said and done, I have fifty-three holes in my back. I'm also allergic to everything that grows outside, cats, dogs, and horses. Horses will just about kill me. I had no idea. The good news is I am not allergic to chickens. Whoo hoo, one day that backyard coop will be all mine.

Children just ran by with thermometer in hand. Guess I better go. Hope everyone else is having an easier day.

Hopefully, we are back to Fahrenheit.

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