Saturday, January 30, 2010

Homemade Challenge #5 - Birthday Banner

 Well, the banner did get finished in time for the birthdays; it just didn't come out as planned. This was originally going to be a double layer of felt with the letters cut out of the top; hand embroidered, and hung on rick-rack.

Here's the process:

Get rick-rack, ugh, no rick-rack.

Knit three yards of i-cord since there are no other alternatives in the house.

First child gets sick. Scrap double layer and settle on felt flag with felt cutouts hand embroidered on.

Second child gets sick and easy access to fabric glue equals no hand embroidery.

Begin hand stitching flags to cords. Mama gets sick. Cut the two flags that have been stitched, off and glue the whole lot of them to the cord.

Birthday Boy happy to have a Mama made banner. Original design forgotten.


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