Friday, January 29, 2010

Homemade Challenge #4 - Homemade Pudding

With all the illness it our home and no one really eating much, cake was just a bit much for the birthdays. After a quick perusing through the More-With-Less cookbook it was decided that "birthday" pudding would do. Honestly, until recently, the thought of making pudding without a little box of ingredients would never have crossed my mind. Now I am a little embarrassed having found how easy it is to make pudding from scratch. With a couple of ingredients we had some great pudding in minutes. I did end up adding a couple pieces of chocolate to punch it up a bit, but otherwise else stuck to the quick pudding recipe. I also learned that after a lifetime of only eating cold pudding, that had set up in the refrigerator, hot pudding makes me gag. Just a little forewarning.

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