Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Celebration Redone

Well, we did the best we could to celebrate our special little guy, in spite of the whole family still being so sick. I asked Little Boy what he wanted to do special for his birthday and he said a craft with Mama. Melt my heart. I had had all these big plans and the little one just wanted to hang out and create something. Little Boy is always teaching me the best lessons in life. I love him to death because of that, and because he tells me bedtime stories. I don't think this is his first rodeo ride. So, to sum things up:

  • Birthday banner was completed. It turned into more of a gluing project than a sewing project, though. Exhaustion plus easy access to fabric glue will do that.
  • Cupcakes did not get made, but birthday pudding was a huge hit.
  • Dinner out was canceled, but taco stand tacos always please.
  • Many plans were put aside, but a really great kid still got a year older and was loved and adored on his special day.


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