Friday, January 22, 2010

Scenes from Today

The little ones have been sick since last Saturday and that would be the last night I actually slept. This really could not have come at a worse time. The birthday celebration for my two favorite guys is canceled, all the birthday crafts have been put on hold, and the goody baking has not even been thought about. Oh, and did I mention that I am sick, too? Blah.

Hey look the first time my feet are off the ground in a week. Of course, there was a little one crying and rubbing snot into my shoulder at the time. What really bothered me is that I spent an hour comforting Little Girl to no avail and then big brother shows up and has her laughing in under two minutes. I guess Mama can't compete with Chocolate Rat. Yes, Little Boy has a stuffed rat names Chocolate Rat. This must be said in a shaft-esqu voice. Chocolate Rat soother of ill children.

My poor neglected birthday banner. I must finish you before I reported to CPS (Craft Protection Services). I am afraid you will be removed from my home and sent to a foster home where you will be finished and hung for all to enjoy.

And, finally all those unbaked birthday goodies. Please Martha give me the strength to find enough ingredients in my meager pantry to create some yummy edibles. I will organize 12 drawers daily and belittle four people daily for not knowing how to create perfect rose bouquets out of tissue paper if you grant this request. Yep, blasphemy, I know.

In summation, I think I am a little loopy from lack of sleep and hoping that we can carve out some type of birthday celebration for two special guys this weekend.

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