Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello September

Where did you come from? 

This summer has blown by so quickly.  It didn't help that I managed to be sick for about three months of it.  Hence, my scarcity around these parts.  I've been busy navigated the world of undiagnosed conditions, medicine that hurts more than it helps and doctors with listening problems.  I switched over to all natural and holistic treatment for now and have finally found some relief.  I'm not sure if this is all over yet, but at least I can function again.  

But, oh how summer passed me by. 

We did mange to squeeze in some fun times:

A Ferris wheel ride by the bay

A summer evening at our family's farm house

Lots of sparklers

Making new friends and watching them change

  And, enjoying the beauty around us

I'm sad to see it all go, but excited to see what is coming up...
Two little ones starting to scholastic adventures
The color explosion
and lots of knitting 

I'll try to be around these parts more often and I am restocking my shop every weekday this month.  

Happy September!

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