Friday, June 10, 2011

Which Way Am I Going

Seems like every time I come around these parts the blog is mad at me.  No uploading, can't post, etc...  I inevitably wander away and then a month is gone just like that. 

Start to feel a bit like this

And, apparently the blog is not the only thing I have been neglecting around here.  Isn't it beautiful, though?  How am I ever suppose to eat it.  I kill houseplant after houseplant, but here is a plant thriving deep inside my pantry.  Not sure what I should do with it.  Until then it is going to pretty up my pantry and remind me that my housekeeping could use a little more effort. 

At least, I am a rock star mom today having spent the better part of the afternoon in a bed sheet fort.  I just learned how awesome fitted sheets and chairs work together.  Nothing better for a rainy day. And, nothing better for a mama who had to watch her little boy say goodbye to preschool today...hiccup, sniffle, sob.

I'm going to go get some more hug time in. 
Have an awesome weekend!

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