Thursday, December 2, 2010


Oh, how a day with such grand plans can get derailed so quickly.  We were going to craft, then craft, then craft some more.  Then came the sick children, whiny children, fighting children, hurt children, etc...  I think Little Girl might very well be taking years off of my life.  She has an alter ego she calls "Super Bunny."  At first this was hilarious.  You really haven't lived until you have seen a two-year-old strip off her jacket and run down the grocery store aisle yelling, "I am Super Bunny."  Then it took a turn for the worse.  Apparently, Super Bunny is a dare devil with no self-preservation skills.  Super Bunny has had two knots on the head, a split lip, a turned ankle, and a wrist injury.  The last one resulted in a panicked, late night trip to urgent care.  I was positive we were dealing with broken bones based on the moaning and crying coming from Super Bunny.  Once we got signed in and settled, Super Bunny realized where she was and got very nervous.  Then a miracle happened....the wrist was healed.  Super Bunny announced this loudly and repeatedly to the waiting room.  Mama then got to do the walk of shame and politely ask for our co-pay back while leaving with her head down.  Needless to say, we no longer encourage Super Bunny appearances.   So, back to today, Super Bunny managed to fall down the stairs perfecting one of her acrobatic routines and then ten minutes later convinced her brother to do the same thing with the same results.  It never ceases to amaze me the trouble they can get in in the few minutes it takes to use the restroom or get the clothes out of the dryer.  After that, I just threw in the towel and did this:

And, if you think that is bad you should have seen two weeks ago.  Half a lemon meringue in one sitting.  I'm not sure where this coping mechanism came from, but it is killer on the waist line.

After all that, this was all I managed to knock out.  If you squint really, really hard you can just make out that it is a faux wipes holder for Little Girl's baby doll diaper bag.  Sorry, once I realized the pictures were blurry I just didn't have the heart to go take more.

Directions for this project can be found at

So, what to do when days like this drain your crafting time away?  Head on to the closest indie craft show, of course.  Locally made, fun, unique items all at your disposal. It's the closest you'll get to a handmade holiday.  If you are in Michigan the Detroit Urban Craft Fair is this weekend and I am so excited.

 If this one isn't geographically feasible for you, you can find a listing of other fair Indie Craft

Now I better run...I think Super Bunny is back.

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