Monday, October 4, 2010


Sorry to be gone so long.  It was unintentional.  It is just every time I go to post something seems to blow up around here.  I've learned not to ask what else could go wrong or how it could get any worse.  Last time I asked that a drug house sprung up next door.  Really, a full on drug house.  Of course, my house is now worth 65% of what I purchased it for, so we are stuck.  It has really been draining all my positive energy.  It is hard to be creative when you have a shotgun being fired at the house next door or you have to see a pit bull tied to pole.  Have I ever mentioned how much I loath people that are mean to pit bulls? 
This would be why.

My first baby.  His name was Jesus Gary Rodriguez.  Zeus for short.  He was the stinkiest dog you would ever meet, but also the biggest baby.  When treated with love and kindness these are the best dogs.  I do not know how people can be cruel to them.  Unfortunately, for us pancreatic cancer claimed Zeus much too early.  He will always be in our hearts, though.

Through all this yuckiness it has just been knit, knit, purl around here.  I am busy at work trying to knit all my items for a craft show and my new Etsy store.  Sometimes, I dream knitting patterns now.  I'm hoping to have a big enough stash my the end of the month that I can get a little break before the Christmas knitting will need to start.  We will see.

Well, I will try to be back much sooner next time. 

Have to go knit, knit, purl.

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