Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nature Walk - Mt. Pisgah

Our last camping trip of the year has come and gone.  I wish I could say we ended the year on a high note, but sick kids and scary wind storms precluded that.  I really never care to spend another night in a tent praying that the 40 mph winds don't drop a tree on us.  Even cooking was dashed by the gusty conditions and we spent more time in town then in nature. 

We were lucky enough to get one good nature walk in with kids before conditions really deteriorated.  Mt. Pisgah is a towering dune with its apex 157 feet above Lake Michigan. There is a well maintained trail and many, many, many stairs to the top.

I am in awe of all the diversity that can exist in a dune environment.

The colors were so vibrant. 
We each took a turn picking our colors to search for.

This is about the time I started noticing all the downed trees and contemplating what 40 mph winds do in old growth forests rooted in sand.

Another encouragement to keep moving along.

Little Boy loves sand. 
Dunes are the greatest thing in the world to him.

View of Lake Macatawa from the top.

View of Lake Michigan and Big Red from the top.

Miraculously, we did survive no worse for the wear.  A bit too much time in the tent might have dampened our spirits this trip, but we are already on to planning bigger and better for next year.

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