Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where Are My Deals At?

Anyone else having a real slow start to the thrifting/garage sale season?  It is slim pickings around these part. 

I found a couple cute little girl patterns.  The one is a Laura Ashley pattern that originally cost eleven dollars.  I laughed as I paid my seventy-nine cents.

Then I found some nice camp mugs,

and the matching skillet a week later.

This sun hat was an unbelievable find, since I got the matching dress, in the same size, at a different thrift store last year.  Even more unbelievable is that Little Girl will actually keep it on her head.

I saw this tray from across the store and knew it must be mine.  For a dollar I now have psychedelic honeybees to decorate my kitchen.

Finally, the piece de resistance, a canner.  Finally, finally, finally, a canner.  I have been prowling for one of these for years.  Imagine my surprise when bam, there is not one, but two sitting on the thrift store shelf.

I guess I have had a few good conquests, but I am hoping things will pick up soon. I am growing tired of going to garage sales where they are selling all the same things that are sitting in my garage sale pile.  I need a good retirement community sale.  Those are always the best.  I wonder who the patron saint of garage sales is.   

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