Monday, April 19, 2010

What I Learned This Weekend

1.  Sears has some really great clothes.  We went in for an iron and I got lost in the Land's End area.  Check out these fun, clean styles. 
I would like one of each please.  Another bonus is that they now have a reward program where you receive one percent back on all purchases.  Sign me up.

2. If you accidently put wax paper in your oven you will get a toxic smoke cloud.  Somehow in the chaos of making sun catchers with the kids I managed to line the cookie sheet with wax paper instead of tin foil.  I notice this mistake once the clouds of smoke started billowing out of my oven.  Then I got to spend the next fifteen minutes running around trying to clear the house before the smoke detector went off.  Mission accomplished, but a terrible headache ensued.

3.  My vintage patter was already cut out.  Darn, I always try to check for that... but what is this?  It is actually cut to my size.  Score one for inattentiveness.  I'm working on this shirt for Spring Top week over at Made By Rae.  Check it out over there, it really is a lot of fun. 

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