Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Free Things

A new way to write:

This font it so kindly offered free here.  It has such a cute retro feel to it and is being employed in my new header.

A new way to brush:

Flix packs a lot of punch in this little miracle stick. Flix, with its worldwide patented technology, accomplishes all of the following each time you use one throw-away stick:

Removes Plaque
Freshens Breath
Massages Gum Tissue
Reduces Odour-Causing Bacteria
Provides a time-released Fluoride Treatment to reduce cavities
Use Flix throughout the day, each time you want to have a full-mouth clean feel. Use it once, and then throw it away.

Get your free sample here.

A new use for your drinking straw:

Yes, its animal straw oragami.  Impress your dinner guests or scare your children.  The directions for this delightful little shrimp are right here.

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