Friday, March 19, 2010

What a Day, Week, Month, Year

We're starting to roll a little better around here.  After a whole night up with Little Boy he awoke feeling all better.  Mama, not so hot. 

At least, I had the sun to give me comfort.  I through I would open my back door to let the fresh air in and found a cat had peed all over my back door, screen, and rug. 

Not so fresh air came in. 

I'm not sure what would motivate a cat to jump a six foot high fence, climb a flight of stairs, and then pee on my back door. 

I loathe cats.

I moved on to some spring cleaning and found a wonderful new background.  Hey, it was all I could mange.

Check out Simple Desktops for some great simple backgrounds with fun graphics.

I started knitting this:

I realized I am not at a place in my life where lace work is a possibility.

Switched to the March Mystery Dishcolth Knit Along over at Kris Knits.

Much happier.

Still eating Irish Soda Bread.

Much, much happier.

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