Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Month in Review - February

Yes, this is a little late, but it has been really rough around here the past week. We've been extremely sick. I seem to have gotten the worst of it and just when I thought I was about done it moved into a sinus infection. This illness was so terrible it moved over to our computer and then onto our car. The car was fixable, but the computer was not. Sniff, sniff. Why did you have to go and die motherboard? You controlled my whole life. I need you. We got to pack up the whole sick family and go computer shopping. I was employing the "I'm going to have my kids cough on you until you give me the price I want" bargaining technique. I think everyone is sick, so it wasn't very effective. I also remembered why I vowed never to step into a Best Buy again. After five years of boycotting that store they managed to run me off again within twenty minutes. It amazes me that you can walk into a store with cash in hand to buy a computer and they are more interested in discussing who is going on lunch. So, after a long tour of the town we had a new computer and I have been reinstalling and recovering documents ever since.

In review, this month came, beat us up and left. I don't think there is anything else to be said. March has got to be better, right?

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