Sunday, January 10, 2010

By Golly I've Got It

So, my brain has been bouncing all around the place trying to plan my goals and direction of life for the upcoming year. There was a lot of thinking going on and not a lot of doing this past week. I felt like I was stuck in neutral unable to focus on anything long enough to make some forward momentum. It was really bugging me. Then yesterday it came to me, these many, many things I wanted to get done all had one thing in common. It is with this realization that I am embarking on my own little homemade challenge. Whether it be getting out of debt, getting in better shape, living simply, or showing my children a way to live a little easier on the planet it all has a component that starts right here in my home. Whoo hoo, simple, concise, and lends itself well to laser focusing. Here's my plan for the year:

Objective: Move closer to completing my goals through moving even closer to a homemade life.

Rules: Instead of purchasing, home make 100 items before the end of the year. None of these items can have been previously made by me. Multiples of one item do not count for the 100 item total.

Timeframe: This minute until midnight on December 31, 2010.

Let the creating begin!

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