Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie Dough Truffles - Part One

One of my all-time favorite candies to indulge in are cookie dough truffles. This decedent recipe only gets made once a year around my house, since it is so dangerously good. I'm usually pressed for time during the holiday season, so I break up the recipe into three parts. The following is the first step of preparation. Be forewarned, though, it is impossible to eat only one of these.

  • Cream 1/2 cup butter with 3/4 cup of brown sugar until creamy

  • Add 1 tsp vanilla

  • Gradually beat in 2 cups of flour

  • Mix in one can of sweetened condensed milk

  • Fold in 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

  • Pop into the refrigerator for at least one hour to chill. I usually allow the dough to chill overnight.

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