Monday, September 14, 2009

That's a Wrap

Now that Little Boy is off to school I am responsible for packaging a snack twice a week. There are a lot of really great, earth-friendly containers out there, but none seem to be working for us. Many are priced more then I would like to spend on something that will be in the hands of a preschooler and the cheaper ones were not as eco-friendly as I was hoping. I would love to stay away from plastic all together, but glass and little ones don't always mix. Luckily it the midst of this dilemma I received the recent issue of Family Fun magazine and found the perfect solution for right now. This little baby is made out of a recycled milk jug and some Velcro. You can't do better than free materials from the recycle bin. Its very simple to make, work greats, and if it gets thrown away I won't have to shed a tear.

Here are the instructions for a sandwich container and a snack holder:

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