Thursday, September 10, 2009

Notes From the School Front

Little Boy is off on his second day of school today and I can not believe what a roller coaster ride it has been. The first day he bravely walked into school and had a wonderful day. I thought my heart might burst with pride. Today, there were almost some tears and they were not Little Boy's. We trudged into school and he promptly ran off before I could even say goodbye. I felt like a loser Mommy not sure what to do with myself. So, instead of the big hug and kiss I was anticipating I settled on a wave and Little Girl and I headed off to the grocery store. We had a very quite car ride and shopping trip. When Little Girl did something that reminded me of when Little Boy was her age I felt the tears welling up. I caught them before they spilled over, but I am so surprised that having Little Boy away just two mornings leaves such a hole. I can only imagine what a mess I will be when kindergarten rolls around.

How can three years go so fast?

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