Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome Home Amelia Earhart

I have a little rule when it comes to thrifting; if it isn't fifty percent off, it isn't coming home. This usually works pretty well for me. Apparently, what I lust after is not what the rest of the folks in my area are looking for. I am occasionally disappointed, but many times my patience is well rewarded. Last week I noticed this lovely vintage Amelia Earhart train case and very much

wanted it to come home and live with me, but alas it was still full price. This week I hopefully wandered over to the luggage area and found my train case still there and now priced at $1.50. Home, home, home it went. I thought at first I might replace the fabric, but it was too perfect for the case and smelled faintly of cold cream. After a little tender loving caring it is almost flawless and now houses my vintage patterns.

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