Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Very Bad Things

It is a very bad thing to suffer from a stomach bug one weekend, limp along through the week, only to be sidelined by a back injury. Who knew preschoolers flying off of counters into your arms could cause so much damage? So, life has ground to a halt here. If I didn't have the help of my wonderful husband I don't know where I would be right now. Crafting has fizzled to a halt. I tried to work on a baby gift, but between the exhaustion and pain, I sewed my fingernail to the material. Once, I cut myself free (and yes I should have taken a picture) my nerves were a little too frazzled to keep sewing. And, on to the worst thing of all:

Whoever keeps donating these vintage patterns to my Goodwill must stop. I have no willpower and I am running out of room. The final tally this week was twenty-nine patterns for thirty-nine cents each (it was half-off yellow tag week). As soon as I get going again I am going to be a very busy mama!

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