Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolution Inspiration


This year I have my listed of trusted resolutions to work on.  They cover the gamut of financial, physical and spiritual.  The list is a bit daunting and many are non-negotiable, must be done items.  I knew it was a pretty big mountain I placed in front of me, but I figured one tiny step in front of another would get me to the top.  New Year's rolled around and the sheer magnitude of it loomed in front of me.  It was all doable, but so so much work.

Today, the best timed item popped up in my Google Reader from Squam Art Workshops.  If you are not aware of Squam, they are a super fantastic art retreat that I will attend one day.  Want to come? Anyways, they have started an awesome Double Dog Dare.  You name what you want to accomplish and put it out there.  What do you get in return?  Oh my, just heaps of support and positive vibes coming your way.  Between the blog comments and the e-mails I am so inspired. These ladies rock.  So, please head on over there and join in on the fun.  You deserve it.

Here's my dare:

Willew said:
I knit a lot. I knit for my business, my family and my friends. I never knit for myself and I am in dire need of a creativity booster. My DDD is to make something for myself. To be perfectly selfish, pick out some fantastic yarn, be creative and end with something just for me.

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