Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Goodbye Summer

At least Summer gave us one last hurrah, at couple of scorching days to do all the last little things are our list for the season.

The Little Ones did what they like best.

Mama did what she likes best.
And, we had a few good days of sitting back and taking in the beauty of late summer.
Then  Fall came blowing in.  We went from bathing suites to jeans and sweaters in twenty-four hours.  We were seriously mourning Summer.  Nothing a little trip to the cider mill and a growler of hard cider couldn't cure, though. And, then on to this week. The one I have been dreading for ages...the first day of school.  Little Girl was off the preschool, Little Boy was off to kindergarten via the bus and Mama was off to the fetal position on the floor.  The Little Ones did great and Mama survived.  They happily marched off excited to start this new journey.  A lesson their mama is still working on.  I'm so thankful they are free from my anxiety and grateful that I get to enjoy these moments with them. 

So, Fall, I guess it is ok that you stay.

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MCatherine said...

I also find Autumn a little bitter-sweet, but anticipate the inspiring journey too.
Autumn landed with both feet in PDX yesterday. Drop by HERE and chat when you're free.
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