Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Cure For Cabin Fever

Spring has finally sprung around here. 
It seems a bit late this year.
We were getting really itchy to open the season.

It finally came and we ventured over to the Children's Gardens for the first visit of the year.
It's such a hidden gem.
I'm always amazed that most folks in the area have never heard of it.

It's wonderful for exploring,


and enjoying the colors,

the scents,

the beauty

and the rebirth of the season.

A great way to kick all those winter blahs for good.

And, then somewhere on the trip I strained my back a little bit.
And, then I slept on it badly.
And, then I didn't do myself any favors with a trip to the zoo.
And, then I reached for a book at the library and something went very wrong.
And, then I sat on the library floor until the librarians starting looking at me like what is that crazy lady doing sitting on the floor in the cookbook section.
And, now I can't move.
And, the cable company decided that this was the moment to finally process our request to turn off our service.

So, please watch some trashy television tonight for me.

Thank you


Sunflower Corner said...

I have enjoyed and taken my children and grand children to the Children's 4H Garden since it was being built! Have you taken your children to the Butterfly House??


Willew said...

Yes, we love the butterfly house! We also just discovered a hidden garden next to the radiology building. They have a river, waterfalls and fish. The kids love it.