Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome Spring!

 Oh, I can't tell you how happy we are that Spring has finally arrived.  Of course, Mother Nature is playing a mean trick on us tonight with snow and ice predicted.  We will forgive that as long as it is the last. This mama has been down for the account, yet again, with another cold, so I am a little behind on preparations for celebrating the changing of the season.  I have found some of the best resources on Rhythm Of The Home, a quarterly online publication that focuses on enjoying and celebration the changing of the seasons.  With articles, reading lists and craft ideas it is over flowing with ideas to help your little ones appreciate nature and the security of traditions.  Of course, with such diversity, even those with out little ones can enjoy this publication.

Spring is here today!
Open thee door,
Come out and play-
Spring has come to Stay!
-Spring Is Here by Lois Lenski


Becky said...

Hope you feel better and conquer that cold soon!

Willew said...

Thank you. I'm just about there, but this ice storm sure isn't helping.

BuyWoWAccount said...

A lot of people are so excited for Spring. They've had enough for all those cold winter and chilling nights. Sunny days are so welcomed!

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Willew said...

I'll even take the rain, just make the ice go away :-)

Willew said...
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