Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grey Skies

It's been a bit drab around here.  Sick, sick and sick again.

I've been drinking copious amounts of this.  I hear if you are not from my neck of the woods you will never understand how great this is when you are sick.  And, here is where I will lose just about all of you.  When you have a sore throat, you heat it up and add chocolate syrup.  Heaven.

So, lots of that, sitting on the sofa, and on-line browsing.

I adore these prints by Colorbee.  I sang this song to the Little Ones when they were babies every night.  That is until Little Girl started covering her ears and saying, "No sing, Mama.  Hurt ears."  Little imp, she is.  Times have changed, though, and now I hear her singing it to herself at night at she drifts off.  Must not of hurt those ears too bad.

This clock by decoylab is fab on so many levels on don't even know where to start.  All I will say is that even The Mister approves which says a lot about it's general appeal.  I want it for my kitchen, so I can sit down with a cup of cocoa and braids in my hair and possibly yodel. 


And, I have an intense desire to acquire some Happy TapeThis Japanese masking tape is so fun and I have endless ideas of how to use.  I never thought I would drool over masking tape, though.

So basically, just trying to recover.
And, on a sad note, this family has experience an unimaginable tragedy.  They have lost a very sweet person and her newborn baby is struggling to survive.  If you could say a prayer, send a good thought their way, or wish them love and light it would be appreciated. 

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Stephanie said...

We always drink tons of Vernor's when we are sick around here too! It really does make you feel a bit better.