Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Have a Secret

It has been a funky day. 
Like stuck in a funk kinda day.

Then this showed up on Made

An hour later, life was a little better.
If you want some, and you know you do, Dana at Made has a step-by-step recipe here.

Then the Little Ones and I snuggled up in blankets, watched snowflakes and read The Tomten.
Things got even better.

Then the Mister came home, took the Little Ones out and left me with an empty house.
A very rare treat.

I finally could listen to my newest batches of CDs from the library.

And, now I am really happy.

If you listen to The Secret Sisters you will be, too.

Lister to a preview here.

Now I just have to find some red lipstick to be really, really happy.


Becky said...

As a strong supporter of rice pudding, I thank you profusely for supplying this link.

Willew said...

No problem, pudding that could should be shared widly and freely. Sadly, the Mister discovered the pudding that night and it was gone before I could make a breakfast out of it.