Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Normal

Even though the Holidays are so enjoyable, isn't it great to get back to your familiar routine?  After all that celebration, fellowship and reflection, it feels so good to get back to our regular lives.  Even with the boxes of ornaments that need to be put away, mountains of laundry to do and the ten pounds (in two weeks!!) to take off, it just feels good to be back to normal.

Hopefully, these little guys will help with the last weighty issues at hand.  I just adore sprouts.  I have two early homemade food memories.  One is picking strawberries behind our garage and mashing them up to make freezer jam.  The other is my mom growing sprouts in a jar under our sink.  I can still remember the yellow mesh lid that was used to strain them.  Thankfully, the process has gotten much easier and now may I introduce you to my most green Christmas present.

I love this sprouter.  Add water in the morning and in siphons down through the layers.  Empty and refill at night.  In a few days you have yummy, edible sprouts to add to your salads, sandwiches, soup, etc...  One of my favorite sprout infused sandwiches was from a pub in our local mall of all places.  Sadly, they are no more, so I've tried to recreate it more or less.  You take one pita, halved, and add sliced turkey, Munster Cheese, Cesar dressing and sprouts, heat it up and enjoy.  And, yes I realize that cheese and Cesar dressing do not lead to weight loss. What can I say.  I am working on it.  I even cut bangs to help offset the weight gain.

Haven't tried these since I was eleven.  Kind of digging them.  Little Boy told me they were awful.  Apparently, he does not like it when Mama doesn't look like Mama.  I think they will stay for awhile even with the objections.

So, I really was doing good today and this arrived. 

Darn you, Midwest Living


Anonymous said...

I like your blog, it looks classy :)I hope to start one too soon!


Willew said...

Thanks, Weep! I have so much fun doing it and havge met a great group of people through it. Stop back by and share your blog when you get going.