Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy St. Nichols Day

 What a wonderful legacy Nikolaos of Myra has left us.  What an extraordinary character he must have been to be known worldwide for his kindness and generosity almost 1700 years after his death.  His example of selling what he owned to give the money to the poor is a lesson for all of us. 

To help us remember this we've spent the day reading a St. Nicholas tale, The Baker's Dozen, and crafting.  If you need a little inspiration check out the following links:

This has been a nice, slow return to the week after a very busy weekend.

I made it to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair on Saturday

So much homemade goodness and beautiful artistry, all set against the backdrop of the spectacular Fillmore.  I was in heaven.  Then there was a whole bunch of shopping, driving, holiday party, eating, etc....

I did manage to knock out the changing pad to Little Girl's baby doll diaper bag.  The inspiration for this was found here, but I took it a bit of a different direction.  I ended up with a plainer, quilted pad due to personal preference and availability of materials in my stash.  Hopefully, I can crank out a lot more tonight, since her birthday is looming.  It's always such an exciting, fast paced, fun, hectic time of year. 

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