Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, Muggy, Monday

What a strange day we have going here today.  We have rain, humidity and about 25 degrees above normal.  Between frizzy hair and a sinus headache I am not loving it. 
They are saying we are going to drop 30 degrees in two hours tonight.
Hold on for a bumpy ride.

The Thanksgiving plans are beginning in earnest around here.  There is a cranberry-apple cobbler in the oven, new roll recipes are being researched on the internet, and these two fellows recently came home to live with me.  They were alone and filthy when I found them cruelly neglected on the shelf at Goodwill.  Four dollars later and a good bath they are happily decorated my shelf for the holiday.  They are both Avon aftershave bottles from the seventies and still smell faintly of grandpa.  My only disapointment was that after a little Etsy research I found that they have a little quail friend that completes the trio.  I guess I have a new item to add to my hunt list.

And, I have a big announcement....I finally got the Etsy store up and running.  You can visit Willew Creations by clicking the link or clicking the new button on the side of the blog.  I am currently working on stocking scarves, washcloth sets and coaster sets.  After the holidays I am hoping to get many more fun things added.

Also, don't forget to enter the Jolee's Jewels Giveaway before Saturday.  You can enter here.

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