Thursday, October 7, 2010

Salt Dough Ghost Tutorial

You can never go wrong with salt dough crafts. Easiest for even the youngest crafter and still entertaining for the oldest. 
In fact, Little Girl's ghosts turned out the best. 

To start you will mix:

One Cup Flour
One Cup Salt
One Half Cup Water

Mix with a wooden spoon until you have combined. 
Then slowly add approximately One Quarter Cup Flour until firm.

Divide dough into six equal globs. 
Then have fun shaping into ghost shapes.

When done, place two ghosts on a plate and microwave at thirty second intervals until firm.  About two-and-one-half minutes.

After the ghosties cool, add faces or other embellishments.
So easy and so fun.

See the sad one that fell over?
That one was mine.

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