Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Homemade Challenge #21 - Knitted Dishcloths


I recently knitted up these dishcloths for a gift.

It is the Linoleum Dishcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting.

It's a great pattern.  The front has a great scrubby texture just crying out to shine up a sink.  I think some more of these might be hitting the needles soon.


Courtney Corey said...

Love the idea. I need some new dishcloths! Recently used old tee-shirts and turned them into yarn for a bag. Next, I am going to turn them into a bath rug. But, I will use yarn for the dishcloths. Nice (and easy) idea!

We got a knitting loom - so my son can do it, too! He will love this project.

Willew said...

My mom made me a bunch of dishcloths, so that is all we have been using for awhile. It is so great to not have to buy paper products.

I'm turning tee-shirts into a bath rug, too. How funny. I love the one in Alterknits. I just need to hit a few more garage sales to have enough "yarn."