Thursday, April 1, 2010

One Hundred

My hundredth post. 
Pretty neat. 
Thanks to all of you who come around and visit. 
I appreciate every one of you.

Around here we are on our final push to fill up Easter baskets.  I am a mean mom, so that doesn't include candy or bunnies.  I just can't figure out how you get from the resurrection to jelly beans.  And, before you think I am really awful, the little ones get baskets from their grandparents that fill them up with more jellybean and chocolate rabbits then they will ever need.   They fill me up, too. 

Today's Goal: knit, sew, bake, knit, sew, bake

Little Boy will also find this book in his Easter basket this year:

Find the Constellations

It's such a fun book to share the night sky with little ones.  The author of Curious George wrote it and we are so excited to lay out in the yard on summer nights and find some constellations.

And, in my world, stars = heavens = an acceptable Easter gift.

When I was shopping on Amazon for this book I found a neat little tool to use if you are short on the twenty-five dollars needed for free shipping.  At Filler Item you can enter them amount you need to get to free shipping and it will list all the items on Amazon that are that amount.  It even highlights the most popular items for you.  What a timesaver.

Then, I was introduced to the Aurora Shoe Company via The Progressive Pioneer and a new obsession was born. 

Cute, environmentally friendly, family company and custom made.  My size ten-and-a-half's don't know what it is like to wear shoes that fit.  Most companies stop making half sizes at ten.  I have had exactly two pair of shoes that fit well in my whole life.  Do you know how excited this makes me?  Unfortunately, $150 is about half my clothing budget for the year at the moment.  One day, though.

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