Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Have Barrette

Warning, if you are a little squeamish about bodily functions this post might not be for you. Just mosey on down to an older post and forget you even saw this one.

Well, Little Girl did it. She officially has no foreign objects any where in her body (that we know of). Strangely, traveling through the human digestive system had darkened the barrette a bit from its original turquoise hue. And, yes I did wash it off and save it. I stuck it in a baggie and hung it on the fridge next to Little Boy's accomplishments for the day. I thought it was the biggest accomplishment any of us have achieved in a while around here. It is too bad Little Girl has picked up another skill that only really works in jail...or drug smuggling. Always have to have something to fall back on. Anyway, Little Girl was really happy to show Daddy her barrette she pooped out when he got out of work. The Mister than pointed out that although encapsulated in a plastic bag, that the barrette stunk. I guess my stuffed up nose didn't quite detect that. Alas, in to the garbage it went. No memento for the baby book. Just a picture on a blog, which is probably making everyone that has eaten in my home question that decision. Will just chalk it up to exhaustion, illness, and cabin fever.

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