Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Have Barrette

Warning, if you are a little squeamish about bodily functions this post might not be for you. Just mosey on down to an older post and forget you even saw this one.

Well, Little Girl did it. She officially has no foreign objects any where in her body (that we know of). Strangely, traveling through the human digestive system had darkened the barrette a bit from its original turquoise hue. And, yes I did wash it off and save it. I stuck it in a baggie and hung it on the fridge next to Little Boy's accomplishments for the day. I thought it was the biggest accomplishment any of us have achieved in a while around here. It is too bad Little Girl has picked up another skill that only really works in jail...or drug smuggling. Always have to have something to fall back on. Anyway, Little Girl was really happy to show Daddy her barrette she pooped out when he got out of work. The Mister than pointed out that although encapsulated in a plastic bag, that the barrette stunk. I guess my stuffed up nose didn't quite detect that. Alas, in to the garbage it went. No memento for the baby book. Just a picture on a blog, which is probably making everyone that has eaten in my home question that decision. Will just chalk it up to exhaustion, illness, and cabin fever.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have seen this preview bouncing around for a while and I can't wait to see this documentry.  The movie follows four babies from Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo, from their first breath until their first step.  I just hope I don't catch the fever from this one.

In interest of full disclosure, I got this preview from Bzz Agent, a word-of-mouth marketing website that I am happily a member of. 

Homemade Challenge #16 - Easter Crayons

Broken crayons…check

Easter egg mold…check

Easter themed crayons for the baskets…done

A great, crafty project that cleans out bits and pieces and gives the kids something fun. You have to love that. I’ll post a tutorial as soon as possible. We had to take Little Girl to urgent care today because she was having trouble breathing. Yeah, we have pneumonia again. Hopefully, we can pull ourselves together for Easter.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Homemade Challenge #15 - Support Your Team Shirt

Little Girl loves her sports team, but Mama does not love the prices of their associated gear. With one three dollar shirt from the grocery store, some scrap fabric, and a little interfacing, Little Girl can support her team without breaking the bank. I am going to go back, though, and add some stitches around the shapes. Little Girl has taken to peeling them off, so some reinforcement is necessary. You have to love cheap, slightly unlicensed, team gear.

Go State!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Girls

Once upon a time there was a little girl.
While this little girl's mama made lunch she decided to remove her barrettes and put them in her mouth.
We will never be certain.
Sometime during this experiment in hair accessory taste testing a scary thing happened.
These two barrettes moved to the back of the throat.
This little girl coughed and sputtered.
Her mama came running and found the two hair clips stuck in the back of her throat.
 Her mama managed to pull one out and had her finger on the second one when the little girl pushed her hand out of the way and with a gulp swallowed it down.
Just like that old woman and the fly...
..or a little boy and a dime.
Oh dear, I think this mama might be in the running for worst mother of the year award.
 Right now she must run, though, she must search through some poo.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Very Unthrifty Day

Dear Thrift Store,

I am very disappointed in your decision to discontinue your fifty percent off program. Over the years, you have trained me to search out your little color tags of the weeks. This system not only helped my wallet, but curtailed my thrifting habit a bit. Frankly, I think you are pretty stinky for doing this. You are also lucky I remained relatively calm when your sales associate delivered this news to me. My first instinct was to grab him by the shirt collars and cry, "why, why, why?" Please know that due to this change in store policy this green pitcher will be my last purchase...

...this week.

Friday, March 19, 2010

What a Day, Week, Month, Year

We're starting to roll a little better around here.  After a whole night up with Little Boy he awoke feeling all better.  Mama, not so hot. 

At least, I had the sun to give me comfort.  I through I would open my back door to let the fresh air in and found a cat had peed all over my back door, screen, and rug. 

Not so fresh air came in. 

I'm not sure what would motivate a cat to jump a six foot high fence, climb a flight of stairs, and then pee on my back door. 

I loathe cats.

I moved on to some spring cleaning and found a wonderful new background.  Hey, it was all I could mange.

Check out Simple Desktops for some great simple backgrounds with fun graphics.

I started knitting this:

I realized I am not at a place in my life where lace work is a possibility.

Switched to the March Mystery Dishcolth Knit Along over at Kris Knits.

Much happier.

Still eating Irish Soda Bread.

Much, much happier.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Homemade Challenge #14 - An Irish Welcome

One green Easter sign from the dollar store flipped over
Hopefully, the Irish word for welcome*
Outlined in washable marker
Painted over with acrylic paint
$1.00 for a holiday decoration that just has to be flipped over to herald in the next holiday
Happy mama
*If this is really a profanity and not the word for welcome I apologize to all the Irish readers. Please note it would still be a very appropriate sign for my neighbors.

Handmade Challenge #13 - St. Patrick's Day Dishcloth

In the quest to knit Little Girl a summer top I bought the wrong yarn. I’m not sure how this always seems to happen. I walk into the store knowing exactly what I need and a half hour of screaming kids, threatening mama, too narrow aisles, and old ladies that won’t move out of the way I walk out with the wrong yarn. Luckily, Ravelry knows I am going to do such things and lets me search their patterns based on what yarn I have in my stash. So, through this handy search option I happened upon this St. Patrick’s Day dishcloth and thought I would give it a shot. It knits up so fast and is a fun addition to the holiday décor. The pattern is designed by a mama over at Kris Knits and she has many more free patterns. I warn you, though, they are addictive!

Handmade Challenge #12 - Shamrock Shake

These shakes have a long history in my family. Every babe has been treated to one long before they should be and an addiction is born. We’ve already partaken in a few from the fast food chain, but for financial and health reasons we have moved to the homemade kind for the rest of the green season. The recipe is easy and highly adaptable, so have fun and try not to dye your fingers and your kitchen green (not that I did that).

Shamrock Shake

2 cups vanilla ice cream or soy ice cream

1 ¼ cup milk, soy milk, or almond milk

¼ tsp mint extract

8 drops of green food dye*

*The mister pointed out that this is not necessary and just adds unnecessary dye into our diet. I stuck my tongue out at him.

Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Or, Happy St. Patrick’s Day in English.

We will be celebrating with another trip to the doctor’s office. Little Girl keeps getting hives and Little Boy cam home from school yesterday and throw up all over the floor. Little Girl was quite impressed and spent the rest of the day hocking loogies and spitting them on the floor. Ah, motherhood, the glamorous life indeed.

After our excursion we will be sequestering ourselves in the house and seeing how many shamrock shakes we can drink and how much corned beef we can eat. I just wish the budget had included a little green beer this week.

I hope you have a little bit of that Irish luck sprinkled through out your day. And, remember that not all your shamrocks have to be green.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Alive and Sorta Well

It seems we have weathered most of the storm around here.  After three weeks of being sicker than I have been in years, I am starting to get back in the swing of things.  I've had some successful outings into the outside world again and there are no dirty dishes in my sink.  After having a frustrating February and a mediocre March I am ready for awesome April to start.  I know, March is only half over, but I need to just scratch the rest of it.  I'm off now to work on some St. Patrick Day fun and some neat homemade challenges to share.

Did I mention in the midst of all this chaos I eked out a craft space for myself?  It's not much, but it's mine, mine, mine!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Homemade Challenge #11 - Tailgating Scarf

Well, I finally did it.

I am now a  knitter.

A very, very elementary knitter,

but a knitter.

It's just a ribbed scarf, but I am pretty proud that it is sitting there completed and off the needles.  It was made from some scrap yarn that my Grandmother gifted me and is the perfect shade of green for tailgating in the fall.  It should also look nice on St. Patrick's Day, too. 

I think I might be getting a wee bit addicted.  Too many hours are being spent on Ravelry and it is a good thing I am still too sick to be running around or those Joann's coupons would have sent me running.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the box of yarn I saw at the thrift store will go half-price this week.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Thrifty Thursday

Even though I still feel like I am on death's door, I could not stand one more day of being cooped up in the house when the sun is out. 

The sun is actually out!

So, I packed up Little Girl and we headed out to our favorite thrift store.  We found the shelves mostly bare, had a couple of melt downs,

mama, I want Goldfish!

and found a few fun things for mama.  I swear I wasn't looking for myself.

For your consideration:

1. Spring sweater $1.67
2. Belt $0.49
3. Mason Jar $0.49
4. Purse for St. Patirck's Day $0.99

So, I'm feeling a little thrifty savy right now.

Now please excuse me, I have to go lay down.  I have hit my wall and plan on curling up in my bed that is sitting in a puddle of


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Month in Review - February

Yes, this is a little late, but it has been really rough around here the past week. We've been extremely sick. I seem to have gotten the worst of it and just when I thought I was about done it moved into a sinus infection. This illness was so terrible it moved over to our computer and then onto our car. The car was fixable, but the computer was not. Sniff, sniff. Why did you have to go and die motherboard? You controlled my whole life. I need you. We got to pack up the whole sick family and go computer shopping. I was employing the "I'm going to have my kids cough on you until you give me the price I want" bargaining technique. I think everyone is sick, so it wasn't very effective. I also remembered why I vowed never to step into a Best Buy again. After five years of boycotting that store they managed to run me off again within twenty minutes. It amazes me that you can walk into a store with cash in hand to buy a computer and they are more interested in discussing who is going on lunch. So, after a long tour of the town we had a new computer and I have been reinstalling and recovering documents ever since.

In review, this month came, beat us up and left. I don't think there is anything else to be said. March has got to be better, right?